5 most common causes of Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

Blood pressure is the force that the blood puts when it flows from the heart to the other parts of your body through the arteries (blood carriers). And, high blood pressure is a situation when this pressure goes beyond a specific limit and remains high for a long time. Uncontrolled blood pressure may cause many health problems such as heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, and even death.

When there is no cause for high blood pressure, it is called primary or essential hypertension. On the other hand, if it is caused due to any specific medicine you have been taking lately, it is known as secondary hypertension.


Hypertension is often called “The Silent Killer” as it doesn’t have any specific sign. However, some people experience severe headaches, shortness of breath, dizziness, visual changes, and nosebleeds when their blood pressure gets very high over a period of time. Therefore, it is recommended to visit Primary Care in Cary or any other physician, near you for a regular check-up of your blood pressure.



Having a diet that is high in salt, fat, or cholesterol can cause hypertension. According to The World Health Organization (WHO), your daily salt intake should be under 5 g to decrease the risk of this problem. Moreover, it is also advised to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet.

2.Family History

If your parents and other close relatives have high blood pressure, then you may also suffer from this problem. Don’t forget to do a routine check-up to avoid this health issue.


Stress can also cause high blood pressure. Doing meditation and yoga can help you relieve from the stress, and thus, avoiding hypertension.


Consuming moderate to excessive alcohol and the use of Tobacco can also lead to this problem.


Being obese or overweight may also cause high blood pressure. Follow a healthy lifestyle and increase physical excuse to deal with it.

If you think you are suffering from hypertension, then simply write doctors near me in any of the search engines and choose a reliable and experienced medical professional, from the results displayed, to diagnose and treat hypertension. You can directly contact Family Physicians in Morrisville who are best to get the treatment of hypertension.



    This World Alzheimer’s Month, let’s spread awareness about Alzheimer, a disease that causes memory loss and other mental abilities. Here, in this article, we have mentioned five early symptoms of this progressive brain disorder which are described by best physicians in Cary.

    1) Gradual Memory LossOne of the most common signs of this neurological disease is a slow decline in memory and reasoning skills. People suffering from this problem forget recently learned things, important dates, events, and also ask the same question over and over.
    2) Problems while doing daily chores or tasks People in the early stage of this disease often find it difficult to complete their daily tasks or going to familiar locations. For example- they forget organizing a grocery list or where they have kept things in their home.
    3) Trouble while writing or speaking words Finding it difficult to write or speak words during a conversation is one of the symptoms of Alzheimer. People living with this brain disorder may struggle with vocabulary or may stop in the middle of a conversation with no idea of what they were talking about.
    4) Poor JudgmentThose who have Alzheimer may experience problems while making decisions. For instance, they may judge poorly while dealing with money. Some people living with this common type of dementia may also find it problematic to keep track of monthly bills. Concentrating or focusing on certain things is yet another issue with people having Alzheimer.
    5) Confusion with time People living with Alzheimer can forget seasons, dates, or passage of time. Some even fail to recall where they are and how they reached there.
    If you observe any of these symptoms, then schedule an appointment with East Cary Family Physicians, one of the prominent names in the healthcare industry.



      Want to know the types of fall-allergens and how to fight them? Check out the information given below:

      1) Ragweed Ragweed blooms in August and leads to allergic symptoms in September. You would be surprised to know that even a single plant of this can produce around 1 billion grains of pollen per season. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, Ragweed affects approximately 75% of the people who are susceptible to springtime allergies.

      Way to prevent – Avoid going outside, especially from mid-margining to early noon. It is also recommended to keep your windows closed and remove your shoes as well as jackets out. Search for the physicians near me to connect to a doctor and know which mask would go perfect for filtering pollen.
      2) Mold and Mildew These two types of allergens grow throughout the year, but they increase on the damp areas such as the basement, kitchen, etc. They also grow on wet and fallen leaves and don’t get killed by the frost. However, they get dormant during the winter season.

      Way to prevent – Do not let piles of fallen leaves accumulate in your yard. Moreover, keep your gutters clean and yard-waste piles away from your place. While cleaning the leaves, make sure you opt for all the preventive measures so that the allergens don’t stick on your clothes.
      3) Dust mites These are flakes of the human skin that shed naturally and spread around the home. These flakes automatically die when the temperature goes high, or humidity drops to 70%.

      Way to prevent – Clean the air vents before switching the central heating unit on for the first time. Use dust-proof covers for your mattress and pillows. Get a dehumidifier to maintain the level of humidity
      4) Pet Dander Pet Dander is the dead skin of your pet dog or cat or any other animal, which causes seasonal allergies. These are caused by fur, saliva, and urine of the animals.

      Way to prevent – If you know you have an allergy then maintain a distance from your pet. Make sure your pet bathes and grooms regularly.
      Those suffering from any of these allergies can visit one of the best physicians (ECFP) in Cary or any other family care physicians to get the right medication and treatment.