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Brain Health and Cell Phone Usage Reveal an Unseen Problem

The hidden impacts of Electromotive Force (EMF)

Migraine headaches are not uncommon, but they are tending to occur more these days. Cell phone use is at an all time high, and the occurrence of migraines has also increased. While cell phone use cannot be directly linked to migraines, there are unusual problems showing up that can link overuse of cell phones to such symptoms as neck pain, migraine headaches and mental lethargy.

How does cell phone use impact the brain?

The human brain takes in and gives off frequencies that send and receive signals. The frequency of a brain wave is always within a certain frequency for the purpose of receiving information, creating a feedback and replying to information. Wireless signals that come in through a cell phone contain what is called an electromagnetic frequency that resonates differently than normal brain wave patterns. An oversupply of these frequencies can result in a misfiring of the brain’s natural circuits.

This is important for you to know because you may experience some unusual symptoms that you cannot attach to any other physical problem. If you use your cell phone and make calls with the phone to your ear, you could experience a sensation of heat on your face, almost like a fever. If you live your life on your smart phone you may experience headaches even when you are not putting the cellphone to your face. These are all possible symptoms of EMF sensitivity.

Damage to the Neck and Related Neck Pain

Another problem that is showing up among people who use their cellphone several hours a day is unexplained neck pain and bone spurs. The angle at which you bend your neck down to answer a text or scroll through social media, is not conducive to optimal positioning of the head and neck. The skull is very heavy so constantly bending your neck forward can cause unexplained shoulder and neck issues.

There is probably no way to slow down the use of cellphones because they provide a means to communicate and entertain, but, to stay totally healthy, you should consider monitoring your time looking at your cellphone at an odd angle.

Avoiding Damage from Too Much Cell Phone Usage

The brain is a sending and receiving unit in the human body. Frequencies that do not match the optimal frequency of the brain, can cause an obvious misfiring and can result in symptoms from migraine headaches to the feeling of having whiplash. Here are three ways you can start to preserve your health by paying attention to the signs of too much cell phone use.

  1. Charge your cellphone at night, away from your body. One of the habits of people who use their cellphone too much, is to charge the phone’s battery near them at night. While having an alarm on your phone or the ability to listen to music is tempting, the phone still puts out electromagnet frequencies. Further, the constant notifications from the phone can prevent you from getting good sleep.
  2. Use earbuds when possible. Putting a cellphone directly on your face can cause your face to feel hot and your body to feel overheated. A good idea to mitigate damages from this action, is to get a good set of earbuds so the actual phone is not close enough to your skin to create an impact. There are many types of earbuds that can help you stay away from Electromagnetic Frequencies of cellphones.
  3. Finally, take care of the blue light that comes from a phone when you are in the dark. There are settings on your phone that regulate light, so you are not putting bright, white light into your eyes. The over exposure of this light has been linked to eyestrain and headaches.

Cell phones are valuable tools but the signals they emit can be harmful to you. If you experience migraines more when you have been on your phone for a long period of time, it may be time to exercise some new habits to keep you healthy. For serious pains, contact East Cary Family Physicians